ONEPOINT is a platform that allows businesses to reward customers for advertising their brand with a "Point’’ system which can be rewarded for the business' products and services. When the customer makes a positive review through social media channels, the customer is rewarded for that post. If the post is given a positive reaction, the customer is rewarded for that as well. If the post is shared, both the original poster and the sharing user is rewarded. Customers will have all of their points aggregated across accounts so long as they are all linked to their ‘ONEPOINT’ account.


    Through the portal, a customer can view both their global points and their points per business. A customer can also browse both rewards available to them with their current points and all rewards across all businesses. A customer can retrieve a code for a reward they can afford which can be used to redeem that item.


    Businesses must be able to sign up to be charged a flat fee per month plus a small charge per point. The price per point is different based on whether the business is using ‘Global’ or ‘Local’ points. Global points can be used anywhere. Local points can only be redeemed at the business the points were earned advertising. A business can also configure their reward list with names, descriptions, and point costs. A business can enter a reward code from a customer to charge that amount of points from the customer and display the reward on screen.